Definitely not because we have to or we want to. But just simply because it is possible to have a real summer fun.

I have always been love music, in the way that I have been living my life in. During my architectural school years at AA in London, I was so fascinated by architecture in its new forms, weak form, blob and many other Non-Euclidean geometry even before a time of computer graphic. In the quest to discover our new forms, we dig deep into science and art of all possibilities, including Chaos, Complexity, Quantum, Post-Modernism, Deconstruction and, eventually, Biology.  I and my colleges at Graduate Design Group always work on our projects in the context of this new futuristic environment.

Of cause, the ambient of the sound in our studio is so dominating as a context of our architectural studio. And we explore so many type of music that became coherent with the works we were living our lives in.  And we came across futuristic ‘new sound’ bands like Future Sound of London, Kraftwork, Orbital and Underworld.  All this non-instrumental ‘new sound’ gave a birth to the new architectural dimension as a context of our experiments.  We all became so obsessive with this ‘new sound’ before it was eventually known and described as ‘Techno’ kind of music.

All of us fell in love with Trainspotting (1996) and Born Slippy .NUXX from Underworld became more like the formal anthem of the movie at that time in the 90’s but I have always been associate myself to the Underworld to the Beaucoup Fish (1999) album, as it was me immersive contact with the sound of the band, which was more to the chilled-out trance than a dance techno at the time.  Since then, I always have my all ears to this typology of music. Love and passion.

It has always been my dream to immerse myself into the sound of this kind. Bangkok is a city of a strong influential to this type of music in several earlier event such as Tempology, of which I am fond of, or Wonderfruit, that still the church of all new sound festival for me.  But I foresee the different engine here in Super Summer Sound.  I saw the possibility of urbanized music festival, situated outdoor on the wonderful Chaopraya river front sunset, with a lot of food drink and of cause these ‘new sound’ technological ambient. Super Summer Sound is going to simple and super fun. Fully self-expressed, casual and getting super high.

But we could not do this event alone.  We need friends, lots of friends supporting us. We then created ‘Creative Village’ for our friends to support us, in the way that we support them. Our friends, who are artists, designer and entrepreneur will come and create their great product ideas that will became an official memento for Super Summer Sound 2017 that will not be re-produced. Throughout late afternoon until the deep evening, our guests will be lost themselves into another world of unearthly fun with art, design, food, drink and lots of music from top Thais and international talents. And we will end the night with full feature one and a half hour of Underworld and let yourselves blown away with the river wind.

Why we are doing this? Still because it is going to be a substantial amount of fun. And that is the only reason that you should not miss Super Summer Sound 2017!

Duangrit Bunnag

Interview: Duangrit Bunnag

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